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"Kyle Farmery is not who you think he is. “I prefer 'he,'” Farmery says. “I'm a dude. I'm someone with a boy's personality who happens to like makeup and pretty things.” Virtually everything about Farmery, a staple in the New York nightlife scene and a blossoming figure in the fashion world, defies traditional expectations—including his age. In person, Farmery—with his striking facial bones, classic sense of style, and highly precocious poise—presents as a kind of latter-day Marlene Dietrich, that timeless icon of androgyny and Old Hollywood glamour, and the inspiration behind the exclusive shoot that accompanies this story. As Farmery gracefully moves through a space, his natural black hair pulled back tight to accentuate his face, and his arms draped in fur to go with his laced-up heeled boots, he schmoozes with almost everyone, in the eloquent voice of a veteran New Yorker."


DRØME: Where are you from?  

KYLE FARMERY: Apparently I'm a rare breed, I'm a native New Yorker.

DRØME: How would you describe your performance style? At your core, what’s your vibe? 

KYLE FARMERY: Although I have done actual performances in the past, I currently am not performing. I sculpt and illustrate my persona to give off the illusion of a show. I like my appearance to command attention when I walk into a room.

DRØME: What's your idea of the best night ever? 

KYLE FARMERY: I like to be anywhere with fabulous lighting, chrome or mirrored objects, great music, and experienced photographers.


It was fascinating to see how Kyle could get into clubs without a problem. He was so knowledgeable for someone so young, people that age just don't do their makeup that well or carry themselves like that. By 15, he fit right in with people who were more experienced, and he was so grown up. It was incredible to watch. I think he's on his way to becoming an international fashion icon. In one way or another, he's just going to get bigger and bigger, and I think he'll focus on one thing after a while.

-Amanda Lepore

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